Who We Are
Codeart Software Systems, established in 2011, started to operate under the leadership of an experienced and powerful team that has been involved for many years in the software development industry.

CodeArt provides an exceptional service to its customers by constantly improving its understanding of creativity and quality. CodeArt, with its enhanced knowledge and expertise, aims to be one of the leading software company in Turkey.

CodeArt is the only representative of Lanner, one of the world’s leading simulation software companies, in Turkey. With its vast experienced staff in the field of simulation technology, CodeArt is providing consultancy and training services together with the license sales of Witness.

In addition, CodeArt is providing services including but not limited to web design and development, design of the software processes, development of the customized ERP applications, improvement and optimization of software and business processes, project management, consultancy and trainings. Customized and on-demand application development services are provided as a complete package to the end users. CodeArt presents projects by calculating the return on investment and ensures to offer value-added solutions to its customers.

CodeArt has vast know-how with the following technologies:

* WITNESS (Simulation Applications)
* ASP.NET (Web Applications)
* VB.NET / C#.NET (Web + Desktop Applications)
* Java (Web + Mobile Applications)
* Ajax (Web Applications)
* JQuery (Web Applications)
* Microsoft Compact Framework (Mobile Applications)
* Pl-Sql (Oracle Database Applications)
* T-Sql (Ms Sql Server Database Applications)
* VB 6.0 (Desktop + Ms Office Macro Applications)