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What are the benefits of using Discrete-Event Simulation Software?
Discrete-Event Simulation, works by modeling the interaction of every component with each other that creates the system. In addition, it includes randomness and variability elements that you may see in real life systems. Thus the modeled system starts to work like in real process such as a manufacturing line, a call center or an airport baggage handling system.

Simulation models that are designed by simulation software represent the behavior of real systems in order to create foreseeable experiments, and work with the data that is accepted as statistically accurate. It allows you to perform “What If?” analysis, through these experiments, and/or scenarios without disturbing or changing the actual system.

Lanner Witness Simulation Software, combining the statistics and the power of software enabling the users to have predictions of complex systems, to evaluate the possible results of the changes in the processes, to identify bottlenecks and to develop models that offers the optimum benefit that can be achieved.

Simulation with Lanner Witness
 Simulation via the use of simulation software, offers significant advantages over the analyses that are made by the method of trial and error in real life systems, in terms of cost, time and variability. Imagine implementing various "What If?" analyses in a hospital’s emergency department or in a production line in real life. It would not be practical and definitely not safe.
What can WITNESS do?
arrow Reduces the Risk in Decision-Making Process: Predicts accurately how the proposed changes will work in a facility or process.
arrow Supports Investment Decisions: Provides proof to identify the profitable ideas and avoid costly mistakes.
arrow Eliminates Errors and Waste: Shows the most efficient control methods and resource profiles.
arrow Indicates the Optimal Solution to Decision-Makers: Creates comparable scenarios, and provides the best option for your business to be graphically reported.
arrow Easy to Use: Only one training course will provide you with the skills you need to build simulation models and to get results quickly!

Please visit our Industrial Overview page in order to see which large companies are taking advantage of WITNESS.

Are all simulation software products the same?
Today, there are at least more than 80 different simulation software products in the market. In order to use most of the simulation software products, you need to have the background for scientific research studies and simulation concept. Some provides different advantages in different situations. This situation is changing. As the simulation market matures, the leading companies began to produce simulation software products only for specific industries. These new solutions offer industry specific simulation abilities with an interface that is easy to use.
How to use Lanner Witness?
All the processes that involve variability, disruptions and complex interactions are ideal for simulation. You will find a simple example of a process that involves variability below. This simple example is actually a very small part of a much larger and complex system. Please consider how it might affect the performance and the behavior of the system with all other sub-components...

ATM queue assuming average arrival times

The arrival time to the ATM between two customers is constant. In addition, the time spent at the ATM by the customers is also constant. Thus, this can be considered as a linear system and can be expressed mathematically easily.

ATM queue with variable arrival times

The arrival time to the ATM between two customers is variable. Although the time spent at the ATM is constant, there may be queuing occur due to the variable arrival times. Such a system is more difficult to express mathematically.

ATM queue with variable arrival times and
different types of transations

The arrival time to the ATM and the time spent at the ATM between two customers are variable. This case is more similar to a real life system, however, much more difficult to computable mathematically.
Customer Arrival Rate Customer Service Time Average Queuing Seconds
Regular Fixed 0
Irregular Fixed 62
Irregular Variable 154
As the table above shows, even in this simple system, we can clearly see the importance of the variability between the arrival time and the duration of the process. If we do not include the variability, the results are quite different and the possibility of an error is very high. Imagine the difference that will occur in more complex structures consisting of simple systems like this!