Witness 12
Who is Lanner?
Lanner provides businesses with superior technologies that enable value discovery, improve process understanding, support process change and result in superior decisions, both strategic and operational.

Lanner's rich heritage goes back to 1978. During this period, British Leyland Motors (later became AT&T ISTEL) company developed the world's first visual interactive simulation tool. Lanner Group was founded by an MBO from AT & T in 1996 and now it is a world’s leading business process simulation and optimization organization. Vast experience and know-how have been retained by today’s loyal and talented members of the team. This team is dedicated to providing business managers and service owners with a better and quicker way of optimizing delivery and process performance today, providing technologies and expertise to release long term value for our customers.

Lanner works with the world’s leading corporations and government agencies via its offices in Europe, the USA and Asia. Lanner's WITNESS simulation modeling technology has been providing high quality service to more than 5000 companies all around the world including manufacturing, service and automotive industries.

Lanner provides its advanced simulation technology via WITNESS to simulation experts and operational users. CodeArt Software Systems took over the flag as becoming the only reseller and representative of WITNESS in Turkey.