Witness 12
WITNESS Scenario Manager
It is a module that is included in the production performance and service & process performance versions of WITNESS.

WITNESS Scenario Manager provides an extremely flexible framework for experimentation and analysis, including the following features:

Choice of Model, run length, number of replications
Specification of model parameters for experimentation
- Ranges - with step value
- Sets of values
Parameter Groups for linked input values
Full factorial simulation runs with progress indicators
Comprehensive statistics generated automatically for each model run
- Separate tables for each WITNESS element type
- Tables can be sorted, filtered and grouped with multi level hierarchy
- Summary statistics can be added - including confidence intervals
- Optional output of statistics to Excel
- Optional definition of key performance indicators - auto tables and graphs of these
Flexible charting
- Select the data and chart it
- Full component menus to set fonts, colors, lines, legends, etc
- 20 different chart types
Wizards to help
- Charting Wizard
- Parameter Group Wizard
- Scenario Setup Wizard from WITNESS menu
Professional SQL Server database repository
- Stores details of all experiments
- Stores model name, parameter settings, run lengths
- Stores all charts created including custom formatting
- Provided with an easy backup/restore utility
- Stand-alone or shared database across network
Option to add non simulation parameters such as investment level
Compare different experiments on different models with aliasing to align statistics for comparison and charting

The WITNESS Scenario Manager is packed with novel and exciting options all helping to obtain and make sense of your simulation results. Getting information out is easy too with many options including full WYSIWYG charts into Word or Powerpoint, etc...