Witness 12
Lanner Witness Simulation Training
CodeArt Lanner Witness Türkiye Tek Yetkili Bayiisi In order to build models of complex systems and processes, and produce reliable results from the generated models, Codeart provides two different levels of training.

Basic Level Training targets participants that never used simulation software before or without any experience in software development. Once the Basic Level Training is delivered, the goal is to provide the participants the capabilities of simulation software, to enable participants to use the fundamental modeling elements, and to be able to research when there is a problem faced during the improvement of the modeling. During the training, the main topics will be covered theoretically and then participants will be able to practice by building sample models.

Advanced Level Training targets participants that received the basic level training before, or experienced and have knowledge in simulation software or software development. The goal is to enable understanding the software architecture of Witness, to enable using the advanced Witness elements, to convert standard modeling elements into different elements with the support of software enhancements, and to enable participants to use the modeling and presentation processes. In the advanced training, the sample models are processed simultaneously with the participants.

Basic Level Training (Duration: 4 days)
Advanced Level Training (Duration: 2-3 days for each subject)

Please contact us for any training inquiries at: info@codeart.com.tr

Project Consultancy
CodeArt Lanner Witness Türkiye Tek Yetkili Bayiisi We, CodeArt, know all the features of Witness software and have vast experience in developing complex models. Our know-how would guide you with your projects, and we would be happy to develop models from scratch on behalf of you. If you do not have Witness license, the developed models can be converted into applications with special interfaces (see Witness Simba) that enables you to run the model at your PCs.

If you would like to analyze your business processes or a different system with simulation, or would like to convert the on hand simulation models into the applications that are independent from Witness, please do not hesitate to contact us.

WITNESS SIMBA (Simulation Based Applications)

Simba module is the OEM package that benefits from Witness Simulation Engine power in stand-alone applications. Within SIMBA Developer Kit, Witness contains COM objects and ActiveX controls. Using this package, simulation models can be embedded in the applications that are developed in C + +, C #, VB, VBA, etc., and the simulation engine can be used to run these models.