Witness 12
WITNESS 12: Now even more powerful!
No matter how complex the structure is, WITNESS 12 offers you rich content and professional tools to enable you to model and build simulation for your business processes.

Whether in manufacturing or in service sector, for continuous improvement strategies or investment-oriented institutions, WITNESS, provides a flexible platform in order to test and verify the business change scenarios in a risk-free and cost effective way.

With WITNESS 12 modeling, you can get quicker answers and keep you ahead of your competitors.

1) Powerful Element Libraries and Control Options
2) Powerful Modular Modeling
3) Comprehensive Reporting and Experimentation
4) Costing and Sustainability Support
5) 3D Simulation
6) Process Optimization
7) Connectivity

WITNESS turns the real systems into dynamic animated computer models enabling you to make “What If?” analysis and helps you to determine scenarios for generating optimal solutions.
1) Easy to build models
2) Supports a variety of data connections
3) Provides a comprehensive decision making support
4) WITNESS models, are visual communication tools

WITNESS provides the right answer for your business!

WITNESS is a dynamic process simulation tool that is preferred by thousands of large corporations around the world. WITNESS is being used to verify a proposal or a business process, to obtain the desired performance measurement of a business process, and/or to support the activities of continuous process improvement.