Take control of your purchasing processes...
CodeArt Purchasing Quotation Management System Do you know if there is a way to manage purchasing processes at much lower cost as well as more compact, more reliable and traceable way? Would you be interested in?

We will try to explain it with an example. Suppose while you are reading these lines, you got bored and wanted to close the browser. Unfortunately you realize that your mouse is broken! In this case, you need to create a requisition by filling out the necessary boxes on the request form. Then, you do not have any other choice but to wait for a new mouse to be delivered. So, what's going on after you have created the requisition?

First of all, the person in charge will check if there is any mouse in t he warehouse. If there is not, then your requisition will be sent to the purchasing department. And at that stage, unfortunately, you will not be able to keep track stages of the purchasing process as your system does not allow you to have this traceability. The purchasing staff will find the companies that sell mouse in the market, then will contact the best of them by email or phone to request a quotation and afterwards there will be bunch of email correspondences, faxes, phone calls, etc… Finally, the firm that the mouse will be purchased is decided and the order will be placed. In order to re-insert the process to the system, a purchase order will be created. In this way, you will be able to find out the name of the firm that the mouse is ordered and the price. How would you know what happened during the time that the requisition is created and the time the purchase order is given?

Let’s have a look at how many pen is being ordered at your company within one year? Ten thousand? Two hundred thousand? So, have you ever wondered how much hidden cost that is unmeasurable occurs in all these purchases? All the phone calls, all the costs of paper, etc... There's more. Is there a better way for your purchasing staff to work more efficiently? With TYS, now it is possible.

Manage your purchasing requisitions with TYS...

We would like to introduce you to TYS (Quotation Management System). Briefly, TYS is an additional module to the ERP software that you are using at your company. It is fully integrated with the ERP software and enables managing the order process between the requisition created and the purchase ordered electronically. We already know that you do not want to open up the access to your ERP software to the outside (even not to mention the cost). TYS is a system that is accessible to the suppliers. Suppliers will respond electronically to the requisitions that are sent by your purchasing unit and your purchasing staff will be given with the list of all the purchasing materials in a single screen where all the requisitions can be reviewed easily. When a quotation sent by the supplier is approved and click on “Order” button, a purchase record is automatically created at the ERP and an email is sent to the supplier automatically that the quotation is accepted.

TYS is a wide system that consists of many different screens. These screens are specially designed and customized for your suppliers, your purchasing staff or any person that has the authority to create a requisition within the company. The screens that will be used within the company can be embedded into the existing ERP system (depending on your system) or it can be used as separate system that is accessed with a different login page.

CodeArt Purchasing Quotation Management System

TYS is a decision support system that basically serves the following areas:
  • Filtering and displaying the different requisitions on the system
  • Selecting the supplier that the quotation will be requested for any requisition and creating the quotation requests
  • Displaying the requested quotation and filling out the necessary parts (Supplier Screen)
  • Displaying the requested materials and the offers given by the suppliers to these materials, requesting a revision on the offer received, creating a purchase record by selecting the most appropriate offer.
  • Following-up the stage of the requisition (Requestor Screen)

TYS has been developed to work with especially INFOR EAM (formerly Datastream 7i) software.
If you are managing your purchasing processes through INFOR EAM at your company, almost no integration process is needed to switch to the use of TYS.

TYS runs on SQL Server or Oracle databases. TYS is fully developed by CodeArt and it is open system for any additional development. You do not have to adapt your company’s processes to TYS, new screens and other processes can be designed and developed according to your company’s needs.

Browser Compatibility:
TYS is a web-based system and is compatible with all well-known browsers:
* Internet Explorer (min. version 7)
* FireFox (min. version 3.5)
* Google Chrome (min. version 6)
* Safari (min. version 4)