Quotation Management System
At first, TYS was developed as an additional module for the businesses that use INFOR EAM (formerly Datastream 7i) to facilitate the process of purchasing.
Later, however, due to the ease of use and the applicability of the system, we aimed this software to be used on all systems that have demand and purchasing functions.

Easy to Use
  • Smart screens
  • The number of screens that constitute the system has been simplified according to the user profiles. In other words, a user that has the task of distributing the requests to purchasing staff will operate in a single screen only. The same way, the purchasing staff that will request quotations from the companies and evaluate the offers will operate from one screen only to carry out all these tasks.

  • Intelligent data entry fields
  • Data entry fields are equipped to make it easy and simplier for you. For example, if you want to enter the name of the company to a field, you can only write “Codea” and go to the next field. The box searches the company names and the first name it finds in alphabetical order will be inserted as the company name in the field and the data entry will be completed. Thus, instead of writing CODEART SOFTWARE SYSTEMS, just typing “codea” will make your job easier and quicker.

  • Automatic processing capability
  • If you have a product that the purchasing is made quite often, and the purchasing is made from the same firms that offers the cheapest rate, the entire purchasing process up to a certain stage, can be made automatically. If the amount of the product falls below the critical stock amount, the system requests quotations from the previously worked suppliers. Once all the offers are received (or after a certain period), the cheapest rate offer (or depending on the other criterias pre-determined) will be approved automatically and finally the purchasing order will be completed. During the entire purchasing process, the purchasing staff and the suppliers will be notified by email automatically.
Data Richness & Reporting
  • Rich screen contents
  • All the data that is needed inserted on the screens clearly and most of the time via popup links. For example, in order to display the previous purchasing for a specific product while evaluating the offers, you need to simply click on a single link.

  • Interchangeable data structure
  • Whenever you would like to include special data to your system that is related to your company or product, you will have our full support. Screens for the desired data can be changed easily. The same way, if you would like to have a data in your TYS that is in a different system, it is possible with an easy integration between the two systems.

  • Rich reporting tool
  • All kinds of reports that you need to manage the purchasing processes comes with the system as a package. However, if you need a different type of report, a new report can be designed easily for you.
  • Transaction log files
  • All records that are performed on a recording process are logged in terms of the information about the user, the date and transaction details.

  • Automatic backup
  • All the quotations received in the system have backups on the database. Any error on any quotation can be easily replaced with the backup log.

  • Data structure controls
  • The data that is related with the quotations are checked according to certain criterias before they are recorded to the system. The data that has the criterias that you do not want, is not recorded to the system.
  • Online access
  • TYS is a web-based system. In other words, there is no need to install a software on users' computers in order to use TYS. Typing the TYS address to the browser would be enough to access the system. Thus, the system is accessible to the users from everywhere. The same way, the suppliers can login to the system from everywhere without the need to install any software to their computers.

  • Browser support
  • TYS is compatible with the most preferred browsers. There is no need to have any additional browser settings to use TYS.